Saurabh Weds Sharvari

Wedding in Mumbai

“A lot can happen over a cup of coffee” one of the famous punch line by CCD, well how if we say a lot happens over the First CONVERSATION 🙂 love at first sight suna hai but love at first conversation !!! So here we have Sharvari & Saurabh who fell in love at their very first meet which is now meant to be forever:) They are a perfect combo of how two different people but with same perspective can be compatible & stand as rock for each other no matter what life brings … come let’s watch their love story through our lens 🙂

For the love that we share ,
For the bond that we have built ,
For the trust that binds us,
For the faith that I have in U
I know that this will be forever & ever for our journey together now & forever

Weddings are so much special and part of our life that we cherish every wedding we shoot. Some place takes back to you time and this is one of the place which standing tall from 100years and witness many events.

Presenting Saurabh Pitale​ & Sharvari Palekar​

Shot by Pankaj Rokade & Vinod.​