Love can’t change era to era : Tushar & Snehal Part 2

Hey guys you’ll have already been through our concept pre wedding love can’t change from era to era, where we documented the love story of Bajirao Mastani era.

Now here further continued story even in the most modern century we are in ,love is not changed yet.

So further taking the concept ahead we are depicting how in the most modern century love is still indistinguishable.

The only change are in names,era,time,place but
Pyaar Kal bhi wahi tha
Aaj bhi wahi hai
Aur Kal bhi wahi rahega

Pre wedding in Mumbai.

prewedding in vasai beach

couple pose for pre wedding
prewedding shots
couple portrait
couple potrait in mumbai
prewedding on beach
pre wedding shoot in vasai
prewedding couple shoot
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