Frequently Asked Questions:

1: Where are you based? Will you be able to travel to another city?

-I live in Mumbai but love to travel anywhere in India or abroad.

2: What is Candid wedding photography?

– There is no standard definition of Candid photography in relation to weddings. Although it is a term which has been fashioned by artists to distinguish themselves from traditional lot of photographers who have been engaged in the task of wedding photography. As per me it is an art to capture natural flow of emotions and subtle nuances as an event unfolds. It is a mixture of photojournalism, candid stealth shots capturing natural emotions and a bit of fashion. We also take some posed fun shots to portray the hot chemistry and romance between the couple. Unlike traditional wedding photography Candid photographers don’t do group shots of reception and don’t like to be dictated on what to click. We take a brief in the beginning and intermittently on what is expected and then play around with our creativity. We try to make use of available lighting to make our shots to look natural and use flash only where we feel it is absolutely necessary. We focus on emotions and conveying the magic of weddings through frames.

3: What are the destination weddings?

– The tradition in India is that the marriage takes place at the girls home town. But since marriage is the most special day in life, an increasing number of people plan their wedding in exotic and enchanting location. These locations helps to get amazing photographs for memory and provide beautiful setting for the most important day. I help people to plan the destination for their wedding which will leave them with the best memories of their life. These locations can be places ranging from palaces in Rajasthan & M.P to Boathouses in Kerala. India is full of amazing destinations and you can select just one perfect one with my help to suit your style and taste.

4: What are Facebook Images?

– We all get excited to see how our photos came up after the event and desperately want to share with our friends, family and the world. At Pankaj Rokade Photography we respect our Clients feelings and thus we have come up with the idea of ‘Facebook Images‘ which are Professional Processed images from the event which are delivered to our client within 48 hours after the event. We deliver around 5-10 Facebook Images to our clients after the event.

5: What are your different packages and rates?

– I charge depending on the assignment. Please contact me to know the rates. The cost varies based on the days required to shoot and services needed. . You will receive a minimum of 200 edited images per day. The number of images may go up if there are many interesting things to cover and how happening is the wedding. So clue to you for more photographs is have a fun wedding 🙂

6: Do you work alone? Will you be able to cover the entire function?

– If the wedding affair is a small gathering and more personal then I like to work alone as that helps me to get more personal and intimate shots . It enables me to get behind the scenes and capture frames with out intruding and directing people too often with poses. Although when wedding is a big affair then I do have team of competent people and we work together to capture the magic 🙂

7: What equipment do you use?

-I use best equipments to deliver the best.Among them are Canon 5D mark III and Canon 6D with collection of prime ,fast lenses & speedlight flashes.

8: How long will you take to deliver the photos or films?

-Film editing would be done in a month or two as its an elongated process.Final processed images would be delivered in a 2-3 weeks time depending on my schedule and further you can select specific ones for album.After the whole process the album would be delivered in a 2 weeks time.

9: Do you have to pay for our travel and accommodation?

-Yes, in order to save time and energy you need to book us an economy class flight ticket which would help us to be on time for the occasion and allow us to know the behind story by spending some quality time with family,friends etc .This helps us to gel with all members and capture some amazing shots.But if in case you are not able to make travel arrangement we can discuss over it.

10: Do you cover only marriages and couple-shoots?

-My vast experience in all sorts of photography does not limit me to marriage & couple shoots only.I have special interest in photo journalism which motivates me to undertake challenging assignments, feel free to approach me for the same.

11: Do you give hard copy of photographs too?

– Yes, there are a wide range of albums which can be chosen. You can select from a variety of options of wedding albums and photo books. I offer leather bound to hard bound and even soft bound albums. You can choose between 12×15″ and 12×18″ inch album. Again you have lot of freedom in choosing the page quality from satin finish to non tearable. All prints are matte finish as it is the best format to print the images. Kodak uses Indigo printers to deliver very high quality prints. My workstations are also calibrated to the Kodak printers for accurate colour reproduction so that what you see on the screen is what you will get in print. The album is not the typical off the market stuff but a beautiful creation to accentuate the pictures and showcase your precious memory in an unforgettable and splendid design which you would love to go through again and again.

12: Do you do pre-wedding invitation website and shoots?

– Yes I do that too. You get discounts on the couple shoot with my three day wedding shoot package.

13: Do you offer discounts on your packages.

– Yes, we all love discounts and special packages. You get 10 % discount on the rates for full payment in advance. You get additional 10 % discount if you ascertain the next assignment through your contacts before the date of your marriage. Also if you book me for a 3 day wedding ceremony then you get discounts on the couple shoot too 🙂

14: What happens if the photographs you stored on the hard disk get deleted by some accident?

– Don’t worry about such a condition as we carry laptop on each assignment we go. The photos are backed up on computer hard drive and portable hard drives. It is very rare that such an incident may occur and if it does then probability is further less of it happening on two storage devices at the same time. By some rare co-incidence it does happen then we won’t charge half the remaining account. That is the best we can do…

15: Do you take care of traditional wedding photography and videography?

– We have people in our team who do it for Mumbai region. However it becomes costly to arrange for their travel in other cities. Besides these folks are also reluctant on travel many times. In such cases we coordinate with local photographers to work with us so that everything goes smoothly.

16: How many photographers and cinematographers come to the wedding for assignment?

– Generally there are two photographers for most of the big weddings that we have done. Depending on your requirements and budget this number may go up. If we are doing your Wedding film then expect 2-3 people more

17: Are there any terms and conditions from your side?

– Following are the terms and conditions:

a) The photographer is not instructed to take photographs of the general guests. He shall be free to shoot to best of his abilities and creativity. If you have specific objections to any kind of photography it needs to be communicated before and we will respect it.

b) The photographer will retain all Intellectual Property rights of the photographs. He will use some images for self promotion for putting up on his website or social media platforms with your consent. Under no circumstances can the client sell the photograph alone. We assure you that no images featuring you will be sold for any commercial purpose. The client cannot use the photographs for any photography competitions. He is free to make any number of prints and copies for his personal use and share for viewing with whomever he may deem fit.

c) Some of the images under very low light conditions can be grainy. Using fill and camera mount flash is not a solution for that as they render images uninteresting. So if you make proper lighting arrangements in your wedding decoration this situation will never come.

d) In case if I, Pankaj Rokade get ill and I am unable to do the wedding then a member of my team will do the wedding if we have your consent or I will give you full refund of your money and try to make arrangement of another competent photographer.

e) Half the total agreed amount has to be paid in the beginning to confirm the booking and the remaining half on the last day of the assignment. The work on editing your photographs or videos will not start unless the client pays the remaining amount.

f) Once we enter into the agreement the client cannot break the contract unless there is a change in the status of the marriage itself.

g) By contracting me or my team you agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned above.