Auto-mode vs shooting manual

The derision people apply to auto mode is based on allowing the camera to make creative decisions for you. But there are cases when either there are more important decisions, or there is no creativity to be gained by choosing camera settings yourself.
So there are situation circumstances that mean there is no stigma attached to using auto modes.
Automatic anything is just another tool in the tool box. Someone who’s good at what they do (as opposed to someone who does it for a living) knows when to use which tools

The “newbie with an expensive DSLR” hate seems to stem from a feeling of waste for the better photographers who can’t afford such a camera, or from a “they look like a pro but they really aren’t” sort of elitism. But your camera, and these people should know this by now, says even less about your skill than your preferred shooting mode does.
Don’t worry about appearing to be a novice. Enjoy the process, get photographs you’re happy with, and they will speak for themselves.
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